Make the most

of a well planned

and executed society management.

Right from all the issues regarding your payment, accounts, booking amenities and services to staying connected with the progress till the time of completion, step into a much better planned and systematic society arrangements.


A Smart Community Management System

It goes without saying that when you are looking forward to collaborate with someone new, you want them to be the best and to be efficient enough to do justice to the job, we at TownConnect work on the same principles of being efficient and of delivering complete justice to the work in hand. The entire idea of developing this organization has been with the intention of making the human life simpler and less exhausting. We understand how draining and tiresome things can get and therefore try our best to ease some of the load off your shoulders with our efficient, top quality and value for money services.

The never ending follow ups and struggles to keep the house clean and running can make anyone’s life miserable. And this is the misery we want to save you from. We have global presence in countries like UAE and Africa, we have just launched our software in Tanzania and within a short span of time, feel immensely proud to have collaborated with more than 15,000 flat holders in 3 leading cities of the nation.

We are living in the tech era where everything is literally just a click away. So why keep the basics of our life away from the advancements of technology? Right from getting your fan repaired to installing your modular kitchen in the most efficient and professional way to ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones at all times, we at TownConnect are a one-stop destination for all the problems in your life.

We are blessed to have with us an extremely dedicated and committed set of technicians who work tirelessly and professionally to live upto their high standards of service. We follow a strict monitoring and hiring process to make sure that only the very best and qualified professionals become a part of our professional platform.

Our aim is to maintain a transparent, honest and long term relationship with our clients and therefore we lay great emphasis on assuring that we leave behind happy and satisfied customers, who are not just bringing peace in their lives by collaborating with us but also upgrading their lifestyles by becoming a part of the TownConnect family.

Our team

The success behind any enterprise is impossible without the backbone and imagination of a strong responsible and efficient team. We at TownConnect feel privileged to have behind us the backing of some of the best in the business.



The man with a clear vision, Vivek is one of the strongest forces behind the success and growth of TownConnect. His leadership qualities and abilities to guide and coordinate the functioning of a team as big as this is what sets him apart from all the others. With a master’s degree in Computer Science, Vivek has held several leadership positions in some of the biggest and the leading tech companies like Oracle, Sun Microsystems Cisco, NetApp, Deloitte, etc. before starting TownConnect. A sports enthusiast, he enjoys cricket in his free time and love spending time with his family.



Matrida is an audacious businesswoman who is unrelenting in her pursuit of achieving more each day. She is one of the directors of Josmart Investment Company with a BSc in Real Estate Finance and Investment. With such background and passion in real estate, making it easy to see why many clients called her for help in buying, selling, and interior designing. Her goal for each client is to create a highly personalized space in which they feel elevated and inspired.
When Matrida is out of the office, you will find her reading, swimming, traveling and enjoying time with family and friends

She has continual drive and enthusiasm for business and life in general.



With more than 20 year experience in Information Technology Management, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning (ML) Engineer and Full Stack Development, passionate about cutting-edge technology and solving real-world problems.
In all these years he lead technology in organizations and businesses British Council – Tanzania, UNDP- Tanzania, Mkapa Foundation and Precision Air PLC.
He designed and implemented various project in area of expertise. He has Bsc in Computer Information Systems and Masters in Financial Engineering.
He loves watching news, both local and international news.

Cecilia Sijali Hamisi

Marketing Director

Cecilia Sijali Hamisi Very hard working woman who believes in achieving anything through hardworking and patient. With her clear vision and big dreams, she can go and achieve anything she want. She has abilities and qualities to manage and guide team to perform better in whatever role given. With her postgraduate degree in Taxation, she has managed to work with the biggest company in Tanzania (Tanzania Breweries Limited) where she managed to do different role in finance department before she quitted and focus in enterpreneurship. Her biggest hobbies are traveling, swimming, dancing and spending precious time with her family and friends.

Sialove Lukumay


The woman with deep-rooted vision, the founder of Mwanamke Thamani ministry, Sialove Lukumay is determined to give hope to women who had since lacked a clear direction in their endeavors to realise their dreams.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Communication and has a far-ranging prowess in marketing.
The mother of two is so confident that she can overcome any business challenges. She had been overly engaged in preaching and empowering people to get rid of complacency but rather struggle to kick the horizon ahead.

Connecting Residents

Our app saves you from the exhaustion of doing follow-ups with your serviceman and technicians, all you need to do is register your complaint and be assured that it will reach directly to them and work will start at the earliest.

Manage Society

You are sure to experience a comfort level in community management. You can address your problems and concerns regarding the various your campus, register them on the app and let our experts do the needful in the best ways possible.

Cloud Based

100% Accessibility with reliable and efficient software to back it up, we give you the peace of mind from anywhere. Our motto is to have complete connectivity between you and your society as well as its management support.

Multi Layer Security

The well being of you and your family is our utmost priority, Built on a robust environment, our app has fail safe mechanisms and strict monitoring and update systems that allow us to keep your data safe and confidential.

24/7 Technical Support

We aim is to make your life as comfortable as possible and that can happen only when we are always available to assist you. If you face inconvenience at any point, we are just a call away and we assure to take care of it at the earliest.

Affordable Pricing

We respect and understand the value of your hard earned money. We make sure that we are not just the best in terms of quality and service but also go easy on your budget by keeping our prices competitive and affordable.