Frequently Asked Questions

What is TownConnect?

TownConnect is an AI based platform that offers comprehensive digitization for Apartment Complexes/Gated Communities connecting society management, tenants and nearby vendors. Solution is enabled by an echo system of apps for its Residents/users, for Security & Visitor management at the gate, for Workforce to execute/manage service orders and for neighborhood stores to connect to Residents
We use Face Recognition/ML and smart processes to structure the highly unorganized service market in India, Africa, Middle East and beyond. We aspire to make service profession as easy and straight forward as ecommerce products.

How can I register myself as vendor with Town Connect?

The registration process is quite simple and straight forward. Click on the ‘Apply As Vendor’ fill all the required details and that’s it . We will contact you and confirm.

Is Town Connect providing services all over the Kenya?

No, not right now, we are offering in Nairobi, but we are planning to extend our services all over the Kenya. .

Is the mobile application available for Town Connect?

Yes, we have mobile apps as well. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone platform

Is it easy to register with TownConnect mobile app as well?

Yes, our mobile app for Town Connect is as easy as the website. Just download the app and Join using Facebook or google plus details

Can I sign in with TownConnect mobile app?

Yes. Just entered the registered mail ID and required password and click on ‘Sign in’ button. Once you’re done with it, you can explore it the way you want.

What if I want to change my phone number?

Yes, you can change your phone number with us. Just login with us and click on ‘Edit Profile’ button. A pop up will appear and there, you can enter your new phone number and update the information.

How I will get to know if my order is placed successfully?

After placing the order, you’ll receive an order ID on the registered phone number and/or mail ID with Town Connect. This will be a confirmation message, saying your order has been placed successfully.

What if I want to change the details of my placed order?

It is easy to change/update your order. Click on the menu showing on the top left side of your phone and click on ‘Update Order’ option. Choose the Edit button and change the timings as per your convince. Your order information will be updated.

How I can cancel the placed order?

Click on the menu showing on the top left side of your phone and choose ‘Update Order’ option. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button and your order will be cancelled.

How I can track my order?

Click on the menu on the top left side of your phone and click on ‘Track my Service’ option. After then, enter the order ID and your registered phone number and click on Track Service button. You’ll get to know the current status of your placed order.

How I can make the payment?

At Town Connect, you can either pay to the contractor after getting the work done in hand or choose an online system. We do accept the credit/debit card and payment through net banking. None of your card detail including your name, number, bank name or anything else is saved by us. Our online payment system is supported by payment gateway CCAvenue. It means that we don’t keep track of your data and all your card information is stored by the payment gateway itself.

Are the contractors on Town Connect are enough qualified and trained?

Yes, all our staff is carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge and years of experience they own. We even do the background verification to know the reliability of our contractors. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Is it mandatory to get registered with Town Connect if I just want to look at the available information?

No, it’s not. It is up to you if you want to register with us or not. You are allowed to browse your website without any registration.

Do you often keep the website updated?

Yes. We have a team of experienced and trained professionals who keep on the website to keep it up-to-date on regular basis.

Are the contractors visiting my home reliable and trust worthy?

We do the background verification to know the reliability of our workforce. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

What is TC Wallet?

TC Wallet is TownConnect wallet money. Whenever any new user register on the TownConnect app, then he gets certain amount of TC money in his wallet. Conditions apply, this offer may not be available all the time

How can I use TownConnect wallet money?

Whenever user place any order from Townlabour Mobile App or Website. He gets % off in his/her order from TC wallet. Money will be deducted from TC wallet. He/she has to pay only remaining amount of the order.

What is Refer & Earn?

Whenver you refer TownConnect app to any of your friend and that person install the app. And once he places first order from his/her account then you get X in your account as referral money and Y amount given to the person who place first order.